Airspace for Jekyll

This Jekyll theme is a port of ThemeFisher's Airspace template. It is released under ThemeFisher's free license, which requires attribution.


To start your project, fork this respository, put in your content, and go!


Here are some projects that have used this Jekyll Theme:

Steps for Setup:

Make sure you have Ruby

First, make sure you have Ruby installed. You can confirm this by running ruby -v on the command line:

$ ruby -v
ruby [version number] (date) [your platform]

If you get something like "Error, command not found" visit the link above and
install Ruby for your platform.

Make sure you have Bundler

Next, make sure you have Bundler installed. Just like
above, run bundle -v on the command line:

$ bundle -v
bundle [version number]

If you get "Error, command not found" run gem install bundler to install it
using RubyGems.

Run this repository

Clone the repository, and cd into it:

$ git clone
$ cd airspace-jekyll

Install dependencies locally:

$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle

This should install a local copy of jekyll.

Now run the server:

$ ./vendor/bundle/ruby/#{YOUR_RUBY_VERSION}/bin/jekyll server