Flex is a responsive, flexible, Jekyll theme.

The theme is based on the website The Development.


To use this theme, you would do so like any other Jekyll setup:

  1. Install Jekyll: gem install jekyll
  2. Fork this repository to your machine
  3. cd to the forked directory and run jekyll serve --watch
  4. Celebrate and dance.


In general, there are no strict rules for contributing, only that your code is clean and well structured.

For bugs:

  • To merge a fix, you can simply open a pull request.
  • To report one that is not yet fixed, open an issue.

Feature requests:

  • Always open an issue first before implementing and proposing a new feature. This is only so I can make sure the theme doesn't become bloated with too many features. This way, I can determine if an idea is something that makes sense for the theme's design.