block-log , A Jekyll theme.

Setting up

To start you own blog, simply git clone the repository on github. You could also press the "fork" button on github.

git clone

Then you will need to edit the _config.yml file at the root of repository.

To add your own posts, add a file to the _posts directory which has the name
Note - the file does not have to be markdown.

To publish the post, just git push it to your own github repo and your set!

Things to change on _config.yml

There is a config file at the root called _config.yml. By Default it looks like:

title:        "Block-Log"
description:  "Write an awesome description for your blog."
baseurl:      "" # the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog/
url:          "" # the base hostname & protocol for your site
permalink:    /:year/:title
github:       "yourusername"
twitter:      "yourusername"
email:        "[email protected]"
disqus-id:    "example" #leave blank if you dont want comments.
markdown:     kramdown
    style: :compressed

For more information on Jekyll, visit their wiki on github.
For more information on github pages: