Bazel blog

This repository hosts the content of the Bazel blog.

Writing a new blog post

Send a Pull Request adding a file to
using the following filename format: <year>-<month>-<day>-<title>.md This filename format
is required by the Jekyll processor.

Begin your post with the following lines:

layout: posts
title: <whatever>
  - username1  # See _config.yml for the list of authors.
  - username2

If you omit the layout, the blog post will not be formatted properly. If you
omit the title, it won't have a title.

Write the body of your post below the "---". If you have headers in your post,
use H2 and smaller headers (in makedown H2 is denoted by ##).


To build the site, you will need Jekyll version 2.5.3 or
above. For instance, it can be installed with apt-get install jekyll on recent
Ubuntu (tested on 16.10).

To deploy the site, you will need gsutil
and to authenticate with gcloud auth login.

Running the website locally

To stage the site, run bazel run //:site.

See the Jekyll site if you need more info.

Deploying the website

The website is deployed automatically after new commits are merged into the master branch.
The update time is around 30 mins - ping ([email protected]) in case of problems.