Naringu is dark jekyll theme that provide fully furnished jekyll setup, come with contact form, #6DD HTML color schema, and more features. It's based on Poole, the Jekyll butler.





Just download and start the Jekyll server or fork this repo.

Sidebar menu

Create a list of nav links in the sidebar by assigning each Jekyll page the correct layout in the page's front-matter.

layout: page
title: About

Why require a specific layout? Jekyll will return all pages, including the atom.xml, and with an alphabetical sort order. To ensure the first link is Home, we exclude the index.html page from this list by specifying the page

Reverse layout

Reverse the page orientation with a single class.

<body class="layout-reverse">

Contact Form

Using formspree to enable contact form in static site.

Go a head contact/index.html just change the email in the code

<form action="[email protected]" role="form" method="POST">


Using disqus to enable comments in static site.

Just edit variable disqus in _config.yml to your disqus link.


Naringu come with two branches :.

  • master for active development.
  • gh-pages for preview of Naringu