Vincent Pickering


This blog runs on Jekyll.

Node packages are used with PostCSS to compile the CSS.

It uses Bundler to package the Gems.

Deployment and hosting is via Netlify.

Mastr Cntrl supplies webmentions and other indieweb content such as Micropub, syndication and a media endpoint.

Ruby version 2.4.3 is a minimum requirement.


Clone the directory and install the Node packages:

npm install

Install the gems you need:

bundle install


To run in the development environment run the command:

npm run dev

If you need to modify the CSS in any way, you can run the command:

npm run watch:css

To watch the CSS for any changes and recompile automatically.

If you just want to (re)build the CSS run:

npm run build:css


  • Post CSS is configured in the postcss.config.js file.
  • Stylelint is configured in the .stylelintrc file and postcss.config.js file.
  • Netlify configuration is done via netlify.toml file.


The site is served by Netlify. Deployment happens automatically when the master branch is pushed to GitHub.

If you want to manually see the live compiled site with HTTPS URLs run:

jekyll build


Content is syndicated to Medium and pushed to a draft via Zapier and a custom Javascript.