Massively jekyll theme

This is Massively, a text-heavy, article-oriented design built around a huge background image.

How to Use This Theme

Jekyll consumes themes in two flavors; gem-based or spread across multiple folders
in the site source. This port is of the second type. Concretely, it means that you
can simply grab the zip or clone this repository, run bundle install
in the new directory and finally bundle exec jekyll serve.
You can now access your brand-new Jekyll site on

If you're completely new to Jekyll, check out it's documentation first.
It's not too hard, we promise!

Features Integration

Slapform is supported out of the box! Just add your email to _config.yml and test the form.
Every time one of your visitors submits the form, you'll get an email straight to your inbox containing the submission so you can get back to them right away. Slapform is very extendable, including AJAX submissions, webhooks, and more.

Auto-Generating Sitemap

The sitemap is auto generated! Just simply change the sitemap variable in front matter of each page. It looks like so...

  priority: 0.7
  lastmod: 2017-11-02
  changefreq: weekly